Docklands Trading

South African investor demand for off-shore real estate opportunity is increasing. With the listed sector having dominated the real estate playing field for the past decade, insufficient attention has been given to unlisted fund and direct investment product and performance. 

Property fundamentals in a number of off-shore markets are compelling; positive cash on cash returns, cost effective debt, scale, solid occupier demand, liquidity and importantly deep pools of investors to absorb asset disposal. This in addition to the benefits of risk diversification and Rand hedge. 

Docklands Ventures has established, preferential relationships with selected unlisted real estate funds, investment and asset managers . All have proven track records and referenced institutional and high net-worth investors.

In leveraging our network of professional relationships we are able to deliver credible real estate opportunities to our clients. Clients are able to invest on an opportunity by opportunity basis, alongside UK and European investors in three to four year capital commitment windows. Importantly, the investment is managed by teams with in-market resources, track record and reputation. Where relevant, we encourage the asset manager to co-invest in the opportunity.   Docklands Ventures focuses on the UK and European markets where taxation and capital repatriation paths are well established.